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No, this blog is not copyrighted, nor do I have a team of lawyers to chase after copyright infringers even if it were. You are free to quote anything I write, completely or in part. I would ask that when you do quote me, you attribute it to me and provide a link to this blog. I would also ask, that if you quote me, you try to do it in a way that conveys my original meaning. Please don't take what I say out of context. It would be great if you also provided a link to the actual post you are quoting--that way the person reading what you write can read the entirety of what I said for themselves if they want to.

All photos and images are my own, unless otherwise noted. For my photos or images, I would ask that you attribute them to me if you use them. For photos or images from someone else, please give credit to the original creator. If an image says that it was used by permission of the creator, you will also need to get his or her permission before you use it.