Search for Words or Phrases in Pepper Grinder Postings

Search Hints

Doing a search by word or phrase on this page is similar to doing a search engine search but only searches blog pieces posted on this website. Don't search on words of less than 4 letters or words that are very common--if you search on something that is in more than half the postings, the search will come back with no hits. The search should put pieces higher that have a higher occurrence of the word or words but I have not really tested this exhaustively (It was exhausting enough just to get this so it basically worked). Here are some options you have:

  • If you just put multiple words in the search box, the engine will look for postings with all the words, but not necessarily in that order or in the same place in the posting. Also, it may find postings that contain some but not all of the words, though ones with all the words will be higher in the ranking.
  • If you put a + in front of a word, it makes it mandatory--no posting will be returned that does not have that word.
  • If you put a - in front of a word, only postings will be returned that do NOT have the word.
  • You can use * as a wildcard. For example, a search for god* will return results for God, gods, godly, and godliness.
  • You can combine these. So, if you wanted to find a posting that talked about godliness and used Elvis Costello as an example, but you really hated postings where I mentioned Elvis Presley (no, I have NO plans to write any postings about either Elvis!), you could enter:
    god* +elvis -presley